…daniel and april

…daniel and april

Friday, December 7, 2012

Visitors...YES PLEASE!!!

Daniel and I absolutely LOVE having friends/family come and visit us!!! Since we have moved to Fairhope in August we have had...Daniel's parents, the Flinkows, the Nelsons, my parents, my brother sis in law and PRECIOUS nephews, and the Gunnels! 

If you want to come to Fairhope for the weekend...we have a bed with your name on it! 

jana and will's visit to Fairhope...

Love this girl.

 Leslie and Hunter's visit to Fairhope...
The boys fished at the bay while Les and I laid by the water :) 

Daniel and I are so blessed to have these two as best friends!!! 

Hunter and Leslie were in town during the first Bama football game...so of course we had to have some 'tailgate' food'! 
Pretzel rolos, chocolate chip cookies, texas caviar dip, and fun fetti cake batter dip! 
Roll Tide!!! 

Then...one weekend my brother called me on a Friday and said they were heading to Fairhope that Saturday morning!! I was thrilled!! I miss these two boys like crazy! 

We made cookies, watched movies, fed the fish, and watched some Alabama Football!! 

Sara and Drew had a wedding in Fairhope so they stayed with us for the weekend!! So glad we got to spend time with the Gunnels! 

My mom, dad, brother, sis in law, and nephews all came in town for the Christmas Tree Lighting in downtown Fairhope! It was such a fun weekend!!
We absolutely adore these two boys!!! 


He was ready to feed the fish!!
He had a FUN weekend with his Aunt April and Uncle Daniel!!!