…daniel and april

…daniel and april

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life lately...

Darby and I watching some Daphne Softball!!! 

 We LOVE selfies... sometimes we think we are back in high school! :) 
Sad/Mad about something...   and getting our nails done!! 

Beach days with my babe are the best!! 

This sweet friend was in town one weekend so of course we met for ice cream!! 

Spring Football Game!!!
So ready for football season :) :)

Darby and I at Cracker Barrel for the Big Sis/Lil Sis lunch! 

So...cracker barrel has my absolute favorite dessert! It is this apple cobbler crisp with ice cream!! It is heavenly!!! I love it enough that I felt it was necessary to post on here so next time you go to CB you can try it!! 

Darby, Coach E, and I at California Dreaming! Love these girls and school would not be the same without them!! 

Two of my other favorite things... Chick Fil A chocolate Chip cookie and Starbucks Cake Pop!!!! Amazing. 

We went home to Birmingham last weekend for a family friends wedding and my soon to be sister in laws bridal tea! It was such a great weekend with our families!! 
Friday night we had dinner with Daniels mom and sister at The Club. 

Saturday morning Daniel's mom had our families over for Brunch!! 

Hayes Wedding!! 
Daniel and I with Justin and Melinda (and their 3rd little one in Mel's belly...yes she is pregnant even though you cannot tell at all!!) and Brad and Kaila (his fiancé - wedding is July 13th!!!) 
 Me and Christy - bff since 6th grade! 
We have known these 2 coaches/teachers for a long time!! They are the best around! Homewood is lucky to have them! 

Sunday morning we had breakfast with The Flinkows!!! Miss living 3 minutes away from them so much :( :( 

Sunday afternoon was Kaila's bridal tea! 
some of the cousins...

Love these girls!! So glad my brothers picked awesome sisters for me!! 

no words to describe how much I love these 2 boys!! 

I mean...the cutest thing ever!!! 

 I realize this might be inappropriate...but I just have to!!! Sweet thing was WORN SLAP OUT!! 

My summer placemats and napkins!! 

Spent last Saturday at the beach with Christy!!! 

This past Sunday was Father's Day... to my sweet dad - I love you and appreciate you more and more each day. You are my hero. I am so thankful for you and all you do for our family. 
Love you Pops!! You are truly the best!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Peterson's visit Fairhope!

Mason and Tanner came in town for Memorial Day weekend! 

We went to the beach all day Saturday with JD and Mal and their friends from college. It was such a fun, beautiful day! 
The boys played a game called Spike Ball

JD and Mal (and their newest addition in Mal's little belly!) 

We love living near the beach!! 

We went to a delicious restaurant in Daphne called The Compleate Angler. 
Love these 2!!!! 

The boys making fun of my neon shirt...

Thankful to have these 2 in our lives! 

Of course we had to get ice cream! 

Mason and I eating brownies!!