…daniel and april

…daniel and april

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

Christy and I are driving to Atlanta today, meeting up with Tanner, and the three of us are flying out tomorrow morning. 
We will be here...
by 9:30 tomorrow morning!!! :) 
We are going to visit this beautiful lady...
This pic was at our college graduation (long time ago...but good memories)! I cannot wait to hang out with her all weekend in New York!
Hope NYC is ready for the 5 of us.... 
 Be back Tuesday and hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

That is Unacceptable ~ Get us to Cancun!!! :)

It all started on Saturday morning when we were supposed to leave for Cancun on a 6:30am flight and arrive in Mexico about 12:30 (key word...supposed to).  Daniel and I had our alarm set for 4:00 am and were SO excited! It felt like Christmas Eve when you can't sleep cause you are so anxious. I was getting ready in the other room when my cell phone rang at about 4:15 and Daniel answered. I thought to myself, "who in the world is calling this early?" and when I looked at Daniel's face... I knew something was wrong. Turned out... our flight got all kinds of re-routed and we were not going to get to Cancun til possibly 7:30 that night??!! Of course I was devastated, but held it together.  When we arrived at the airport Daniel went to the counter to speak with someone to try to fix this... she explained to him what happened and told him there was really nothing she could do about it. He looked at her... firmly but not mean... and said, "This is unacceptable, figure something out" .... and she did! :) We got on a 6:15 flight to Detroit, then only had a short layover til we flew straight to Cancun and arrived around 1:00! Daniel got it done and I was so proud of him! From there...the next 6 days were paradise and we had an amazing trip with amazing friends!  **I apologize in advance for the amount of pictures :)

We stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun... and I would highly recommend it!

Martini Bar in the Main Lobby 

Our room 
First night at dinner

Nightly Chocolate Martini .... Yum :)                                                Daniel laying under his tiki hut

The start to a fun night...

 Don't really know how this happened... ?

 The six of us at the Mexican Restaurant 
 We met this wonderful 80 year old couple from Pennsylvania that are HUGE Alabama fans!!! We loved hanging out with them!
 Shots at the bar...
Don't ask...

There were iguana's all over the resort... this one was HUGE!

Where we got our 80 minute message and an hour in the the hydrotherapy pool... HEAVEN! 
 Tanner and I before dinner one night
 Love him...
 Caribbean Night
 Oh Les... how I love her :)

One of the many beautiful resort pools...this one was right outside of our room
 Gorgeous windy day

 There was a show each night in the huge theater... this is from Michael Jackson night! I loved it and thought this guy was really good! 


Leslie, Tanner, and I with Michael Jackson and his crew right after their show

Boys being silly...

Where we spent most of our time... the swim up bar :)

The boys playing Beach Volleyball 

Enjoying the pool...

Our favorite spot to layout... pool and swim up bar right by us... but looking at the ocean :)  little bit of heaven 
Dinner set up on the beach for honeymoon couples

Margarita on the rocks... ROUND # ???

Only one of our amazing desserts .... 

We hit up the frozen yogurt machine about once a day :) 

Daniel laying in the pool hammock

My extremely handsome husband :)

Best friends since elementary school.... so precious 


So fortunate to spend the week in Cancun with these amazing friends! We love them so much! 

Bye Mexico :( 

 Gorgeous view flying out of Mexico