…daniel and april

…daniel and april

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Candy Corn Halloween decoration

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted a new Halloween decoration for my front door. I have seen so many of those really cute burlap decorations out in stores but knew the husband would not be happy if I bought one :) So I decided to make one and thought the candy corn would be the easiest!
I really love how the final product turned out!!

Cut out a candy corn shape from burlap... I laid 2 pieces of burlap on top of each other so I had 2 separate ones. Then paint the burlap - both pieces so the front and back will be painted (after I painted it I realized spray paint might have been a better idea)

I put some light orange polka dots in the middle section

Then write/paint Happy Halloween or whatever you would like on the candy corn
~I wrote mine with black paint pen then went over it with paint
Then I took the other burlap piece that was painted but not written on and hot glued it to the back (so when we are inside we see a painted candy corn)
I sprayed mine with an acrylic weather proof spray to keep it protected.
I decided to hang mine with wire...it went through the burlap really easy 

Final Product!! 

Happy Halloween :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pinterest Ideas...

I LOVE FALL!!!! The leaves turning colors, the weather is amazing, football season, the start to so many great holidays, mine and Daniel's wedding anniversary! I am obsessed with this time of year. Well...as it turns out...I'm also obsessed with Pinterest. I did several things this fall/Halloween that I found on pinterest. Here are some of them!

Pumpkins on candlesticks...love this!

Stacked pumpkins :) 

In case you did not gather... I really like pumpkins :) 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend with Evan

Last weekend we kept our nephew Evan... we love spending time with him!  He will be 2 in December and is at such a fun age right now!
We went to the park on Sunday and here are some pictures from our visit. It is obvious from these pics that he LOVES the slides :)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dream Lake Weekend!

I'm Back!! I have been so busy the past couple of weeks and not had any time to blog, but...our middle school football season is over and we have a break til basketball season!! *sigh*

My mom's side of the family just bought a place called Dream Lake that is located in Livingston, AL. It is a Lodge where you go to fish, hunt, and enjoy the gorgeous views! My younger brother Brad is managing the property and living there. A few weekends ago we went to Dream Lake to help him move into the house where he will be living. We painted his room, unpacked the kitchen, watched the Bama game, and found out the sex of Justin and Melinda's 2nd little baby! :) It was a great weekend with the whole family! Here is the website if you know anyone interested in fishing or hunting...
Brad's work area

Brad's house

We were just sitting on the porch watching the deer across the lake....

The sun setting over the lake... beautiful! I could get used to that view from my living room every night.

At halftime of the Bama game we cut Justin and Melinda's cake... it was so exciting!! They found out the night before with her mom and Evan so they let me and Brad cut the cake :) :)

IT'S A BOY!!!!  We were all sooooo excited!!!

Our family feels so blessed that we are going to have another little baby boy :)

The living room in Brad's house... LOVE all the windows!